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Resurrection Village

"Creating a Sense of Neighborhood Pride and Commitment to Healthy Living Environments" 

Resurrection Village is a development initially birthed by the leadership of a neighborhood church (Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church) which also includes neighborhood residents with shared concerns of the environmental impacts of petroleum from nearby commercial enterprises and legacy impacts from historical building uses and construction practices.   

Concerned about the evident decline in the neighborhood as well as the shortage of life care services, healthy, safe and affordable housing for people who want to stay in an area they call home and have lived and worked in for decades; Resurrection Village has put together a team of specialists, professionals and residents that has worked together and devised a strategic plan to create safe affordable housing for low income individuals, create community gathering spaces, support economic opportunities for local businesses, address adverse environmental & infrastructure conditions as well as enhance the physical image of the community that residents can be proud of and live with dignity. 

To progressively enhance the quality of life for both residents and businesses within the blighted South Roundtop area can only be accomplished with the collective efforts of individuals, private and government entities that sincerely care about the well being of the under-served. 

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