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Financial Success

This program teaches the basics and importance of personal finance. 


Have you ever been in a situation where you wondered why you didn't: get a call back from the job that you wanted, get approved for the home or auto loan and/or couldn't make a career change?  It could be because of your past financial and/or unlawful history from a credit or background check.


Your financial history plays an important part in how potential employers and financial institutions view how responsible you are.  Whether your report is good or bad, a company may have made their first impression of you even before you get your foot in the door.     


We partner with financial institutions to assist in providing the following seminars to make sure that you are in the best position possible to receive your next opportunity:

                            * The Importance of Being Financially Responsible

                            * Balancing Your Transactions, Debt to Income Ratio

                            * What does your credit report say about you?

                            * Managing your personal finances    

Upcoming Seminars Coming Soon!

It is not about how much or what you have, it is about how you manage what you have!

                                                            Live Responsibly!

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