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Urban Success Inc. is a 501 (C) (3) non-profit organization that was established to provide an opportunity to ensure our neighbors and communities are living at their full potential, and through education, informing them on how to surpass their benchmark for greater success. We at Urban Success believe it is our duty through the act of being socially responsible to provide our fellow residents visibility to resources they might not so readily have access to. We recognize that all things in society are not equal but we can give everyone in our reach an equal opportunity.


We have operated in the South RoundTop neighborhood area since 2006. The center is located in the urban core of the Greater Kansas City Metropolitan area and serves as a vital one-stop-shop for community members to access health education, youth and young adult programs, food and clothing assistance, resource referrals and more.


Urban Success Inc. provides services free of charge. Our goal is to bring value back into urban living by restoring families and reviving communities through public and private partnership.

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