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Resurrection Village

The Development

Due to the collaborative effort of professionals and specialists consulted, along with input from the residents that live in the community; the development plans of Resurrection Village was initiated to transform and resurrect our community that has been ignored for far to long. 

This development will bring new and affordable low-income housing near 31st and Cleveland.  The organization has acquired seven parcels and will soon own an additional eighteen in the area from the Land Bank of Kansas City.  In addition, we seek to acquire all commercial sites bordering the north side of 31st Street between Cleveland and Mersington Avenue.   

The project has 3 phases which includes 20 to 30 single family homes with no less than six units meeting the Missouri Housing Development Commission's special needs guidelines for unstructured red transitional living units for 16 to 21 year old youths "aging out" of foster care.

There are approximately 14,355 residents that lives in the one-mile radius of our service area.  African Americans make up the majority of the population with 11,764 or 82% of the 14,355.  The next largest race are Hispanics with 1,403 or 9.8% and then 1,212 or 8.4% of the population being Caucasians.  The median age in this radius is 37 years old. 


The median income is $21,905 with the majority of the population making less than $15,000 per year.  This number is well below the median household income level for Kansas City, which was estimated to be at $60,502 in 2015.  The majority of residents are renters which shows that there should be no problem fully leasing all single family residences and pursuing a multi-family low-income housing development would be a great benefit to the community as well.  

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